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A guy from gay on cams became my lover after the first show

My boyfriend and I love to experiment with sex. And our interest led us to gay cam that evening. The young guy from Portugal didn’t speak English well, but we understood his body language. Since then, our erotic adventure began.

Handsome men from gay on cams can be a test for true love! It was not easy for us to keep loyalty when so many beautiful cocks from all over the planet surrounded us. And yet, love can overcome even this seductive obstacle!

It all started with a sex game – that’s how we got on gay cam

My boyfriend Jordan and I have been together for a long time and we really love each other. He recently admitted that more and more he wants variety. Perhaps we could invite a third to our duet? Not a relationship, but just sex? New dicks, new experiences.

I didn’t really like this idea. I always thought he was sexier than me. Of course, he wants new cocks, but I would just like to be together. I sometimes looked at other handsome men, but still …

That evening, he suggested starting – try the gaycam service and just look through. I can say that there are a lot of handsome guys on this site. They are ready to communicate, but it was difficult to choose the right one. He should have become the third, even being far from us.

An agreement about future gaycam partner

We decided that we would drink a little, turn on the music and first just talk to the guy we like. And then we’ll see! If it gets boring – turn off the computer and have sex. We had such a good time with Jordan because over the past 5 years he has studied my body. And I knew how to please him.

Of course, his cock will be only in my mouth. So it’s not scary if some other guy from gay on cams dances a striptease for us. Or show us an exciting show. I will treat it like porn.

I asked him to promise that gay cam will remain only in this format. He will never look for these guys in real life. But then I didn’t know that I was going to meet one of my gay cam boyfriends very soon.

The first time on gay on cams – the sweetest

The first one we liked was a muscular handsome man with curly hair. He started with jokes, so we quickly liked him. We chatted, but I could see how Jordan wanted more. He was the first to call him in private.

“Will you dance for us?” – he asked.

“No problem!” – gay cam guy replied.

I was mesmerized by his movements! He was a real dancer. He was wearing tight-fitting swimming trunks and we could see the outline of his cock. Jordan whispered to me that it seemed to be huge. I decided that we could start our game.

The handsome gay on cams took off his shirt, showing us a smooth torso and a strong back. His skin was shiny, and the chocolate tan immediately reminded me of last summer. How I would like to swim with such a sweet guy and play in the water.

Enjoying with our guest

Jordan really wanted us to turn on the camera too so our guest could see us. I was a little embarrassed but agreed. He was still dancing when Jordan put his cock in my hand. I caress him, teasing him a little to get him excited.

At that moment he took my cock in his hand and did the same. Our gay cam guest turned his back and took off his swimming trunks. He had a great strong ass. It is worth enrolling in a gym, I would also like to show off such an ass.

He turned to us and we both whistled! The guy had hefty balls. He was all smooth, no body hair, but there was a sexy black stripe above his pubis.

Jordan leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. At this point, I wanted to turn off the camera, but I continued to watch. Our new friend from gay on cams did not speak English very well, but everything was clear even without words. He clutched his balls with one hand while jerking his glans with the other. It seemed that his cock increased even more.

Experience on gay cam that you want to repeat

My boyfriend and I started to caress each other, and the gay cam partner slowly played with himself. He understood how sexy he looked, and was not in a hurry. He let us see him. Such strong hands! He gripped his cock tightly, and I wanted him to do the same with me.

We made love on the bed, looking at him. This horney handsome man also found something to fill his hole with. It seems like we finished at the same time that day. It was an interesting experience.

Jordan said he liked it, but not in a way that he would repeat. Yes, the gay cam is cool, but it felt a little awkward. I could not believe it! After all, he himself wanted to bring a third to our bed. Then he admitted that he was in a hurry. Still, we are both fine. But I really enjoyed this experience.

Second meeting with gay on cams guy

My boyfriend flew away on a business trip and I was left alone. I said that I didn’t really like the gay cam show too, but it was not true. I decided to try one more time, maybe just chat with someone.

The choice fell on a beautiful blonde. He agreed to go private, and we started talking. It turned out that he has been doing gay cam not so long ago, and this is also a novelty for him. He turned his back to me, and I saw that he had a plug with a long fox tail inserted into his anus.

He was a little shy, but we jerked off together. It was a short session, but I took the pressure off. Wow… I have never had so many opportunities to see such pretty cocks!

Accidentally met him at the mall

Just a couple of days later I met our first gay cam partner in the mall! I was in such a good mood that I said “hello” to him. I regretted it one second later, but it was too late. It turned out he was new to town and would like to visit a bar.

I drove him to the bar, but he begged me to sit with him for a while. Okay, one drink and I’m off. I don’t want anyone to see us together while my beloved man is on a business trip. And of course, I was not going to cheat on him.

We chatted and drank a little. He smelled, damn good, how handsome he is! Such a masculine smell of leather, tobacco, cologne. He leaned towards me, joked, straightened a strand of my hair. I felt myself becoming more and more excited. But it was unacceptable!

“Let me take you home, you’re drunk,” I said.

My gay on cams new friend agreed. In the car, he put his hand on my knee. I remembered his show… huge juicy dick, that black streak of hair…

In the same bed with gay on cams guy

I don’t even remember how we ended up in his room. I understood that I needed to run, but his body was so beckoning to me. He kissed me and bit me lightly on the neck. His strong hands penetrated under my shirt. What a bliss it was when she caressed my nipples and nibbled on my tongue!

We lay down on the bed, but I still wanted to leave. Alcohol made me bolder, and I did not understand how the gay cam boy’s cock was already slipping in my hands. He had a lot of natural lubrication, so my hands easily glided over him.

He whispered that he wanted to feel my cock inside. His ass was so firm on the outside but tender on the inside. He grabbed me, not allowing me to escape from the strong embrace of his anus. I finished just a few minutes later.

After that, it was his turn, and he fucked me. I didn’t expect to be able to take such a big cock, but I was so turned on that it wasn’t a problem. But gay cam friend was not as gentle as me! He fucked me roughly, saying something in Portuguese.

My thoughts torments me, but I returned on gay cam again

For the next few days I was terribly ashamed. But, sweet memories of this casual lover haunted me. I definitely didn’t want to repeat it. But, new impressions and sexual games captured my mind so much that I could not resist.

I went to gay on cams again, searching for pleasure. I met a very high Latino via the internet. Then there was a pretty young Asian. I watched guys fuck themselves with dildos and use anal beads on camera.

Every day I jerked off until my penis hurt. All those gay cams boys are so sweet! I wanted Jordan’s business trip to never end. But, all good things come to an end.

The return of my b-friend after sex with gay on cams

I thought about telling Jordan about my sex with this hot guy. And yet, I did not dare. In our couple, he was more relaxed and noticeable, everybody loved him, and not me. I was pleased that that muscular handsome man chose me and gave me his ass.

I decided that gay cams could be my secret. But, I didn’t plan to cheat anymore. Still, games on the camera, fun masturbation are one thing, but love is quite another.

But, I admitted that I went to gay cam a couple more times. Jordan seemed upset. He invited me to say what else I want in bed. He is ready to fulfill any of my desires. That night, he sucked me for so long, not letting me finish, that I forgot about all the others. He suggested buying more toys.

The night I fell in love with my beloved again

He tied me up and stood looking at my naked body. We haven’t played like this yet, and it excited me wildly! Jordan ran his cock over my arm, across my cheek, over my lips. He teased me, not letting me touch him. I was tightly bound.

Then he sat down next to me and inserted a new toy into my anus – vibrating balls. He set them to maximum mode, and I gasped with pleasure. Jordan sucked my cock in quick motions, kissing my balls. He was so much focused on my cock that I even forgot about everything.

I saw how tense his cock was. But, it was my night, and I was supposed to enjoy it. Yes, that guy with gay cams is no match for my beloved.

“I’m sorry that I wanted to invite a third person into our bed,” he said.

That’s the problem. He felt guilty. Well then, I’ll see where this takes us. It’s better to keep quiet about the gay cam secret. So far, I’ve been at the top of bliss. I finished in his mouth, and then another and another. That night he did not let me do anything, but only satisfied me time after time.

A new meeting with gay on cams lover

I was in the city after work and accidentally bumped into my gay cam ex-lover. He was glad to see me, and I tried to get rid of him as soon as possible. This guy bought me a drink and promised we’d just talk. He was lonely in the new city.

I cursed everything in the world, but I stayed there. We talked and I said it was time for me to go home. This handsome man tried again to convince me to go to his place. I refused. It was a mistake, but he didn’t want to admit it. I was very tired and the double whiskey I drank made me weak.

He followed me to the toilet, continued to chat. When I came out of the cabin, he pushed me back with force! What nonsense? I was ready to scream, but I didn’t have time. His skillful hands took my cock. He jerked me off and kissed my neck again. His scent hit my nostrils and I lost my composure.

I let gay on cams slutty guy suck me right in the bar toilet. And again I was angry with myself. But how can you resist such a handsome guy??? His skillful hands treated my cock so well as if they had known him for many years. Yes, he sucked me amazingly.

Gotta save my love from this sex-craziness

After this incident, I seriously thought about my life. It was getting dangerous. I took a desperate step.

“What do you think about moving?” I asked Jordan.

“It would be great to go somewhere where the sun and the sea are,” he laughed.

He did not immediately understand that I was serious. But then we discussed this plan. His company is headquartered in Florida, so he could apply for a transfer. We will have a different life. And I will no longer be haunted by this sweet boy from gay cams, I hope!

And we did it! Perhaps cheating showed me what true love is. Lust and sex, new cocks – it’s not that important. We love each other, we are happy! We sometimes remember about the gay cam adventure, we even somehow wanted to repeat it. But, I only want to make sure that the online lover will be on the other side of the world.

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