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How Gay Cam Model Made Me Come Out of The Closet

For the last couple of years although I have a rich sex life I just felt that something was missing. And stumbling upon a live gay cam website I was about to realize what it was. Look I don’t know how it was for you. But as for myself, I was running from a possibility that I am gay. For the last 12 years, I am in a happy marriage. Although my wife is the best girl you can fish for, I always had the feeling deep down inside of me that something is not right. Nevertheless, I tried to pay no attention to it. but as the years passed and women stopped to sexually arouse me, the feeling grew stronger and stronger inside of me.

I had to take some time for myself and research my sexuality. Go deep into my deepest sexual fantasies and kinks. And try to be honest with me. And be honest to others. Especially my wife in which home I’ve lost every sexual interest although she was trying all different and new sexual things. And to my kids and the rest of the family. There is no worst thing the lying to the ones you love.

I went to the hotel room downtown and told everyone I was on a 2-day business trip. bought a few couples of wine, ordered some food, and turned my laptop on.

The adult industry has many categories, but I wanted to check one in particular. The first thing I typed was gay cam model sites. And began surfing the website.

One of the Best Gay Cam Websites
One of the Best Gay Cam Websites

Surfing on the gay cam website

Viewing the homepage and seeing all those men’s profiles, some naked some not. My dick started to ich, I wasn’t aroused. Not just yet. But I couldn’t wait to continue to some of gay cam models free rooms. as all of you probably already know free rooms are used to get to know the model a little bit better. In free chatrooms, you can really see explicit scenes.

You get to see the model you chose better, find out what is he or she willing to do for you in a private room. And engaged in chatting with all the other users inside the chat room. Before I continued I went back and bought a few tokens so when the time comes and I find the model I like I could tip him.

And maybe pay for the private room session. Because most of these kinds of sites like gay cam do not allow you to pay with money. But allow you to convert your money into tokens so you can pay the model you like to perform for you.

After returning to the homepage I spent almost an hour searching for the model I like most. And I found one. A beautiful brown hair, muscular young guy. He was in his mid-20s.

Although I was probably miles away from him I was very shy engaging in chatting with him. I still wasn’t sure that this was my kind of thing and that I’m actually gay.

Text by text, tip after tip I finally got the courage to engage with Ryan in the private room.

Private rooms are a lot different from free chatrooms. And they get to be a lot more explicit because this is the place where your deepest fantasies and Kinks come to life.

First time meeting a gay cam model

I wasn’t into those things I was just trying to find out where do I belong. Waiting for the connection to be established  I was so nervous. Wanted to turn off my laptop a few times but at that moment I heard the bip. I opened the connection and there he was. I froze and he noticed it. Luckily for me. This wasn’t the first time he met someone like me. Introduced himself politely and ask me what am I here for.

From this day now the situation I had with Ryan looks funny to me but at that moment I was so lost.

There is one thing I had to admit I was nervous, but seeing Ryan without a shirt aroused me. After a while I started talking with him,  I told him everything that was on my mind. How women cannot arouse me anymore, how I haven’t cum sleeping with my beautiful wife for the past couple of years. Simply said I told him how sexually lost I was.

After finishing my confession I expected that my gay cam model would either laugh at me or terminate the connection and be gone to another private room, to another user, who unlike me knows what he wants.

But instead of leaving, as I expected him, he chose to stay and try to help me with my problem. I think he knew, and that I wasn’t the first user with this kind of sexual dilemmas

Cuming and cuming with my Gay Cam model

Talked for about 30-minutes before he started taking his clothes off. I was glued to my monitor, I haven’t been this sexually aroused for many years. At that moment I didn’t think about anything else, I just thought about him. I wanted to touch him feel him, take his dick into my hands. Bend him over the chair stick my dick into his ass and fuck him as hard as I could.

I placed my laptop on the chair beside the bed took off my clothes and started jerking my cock. I was so horny and so aroused I couldn’t believe it. All those years not withholding and not admitting that my sexual orientation is different got me so hard now. And so hot I couldn’t describe the feeling I had with words.

I gave him all the tokens I bought. But now when I finally discovered and was sure I’m gay I wanted more. I demanded more.

The shy guy was gone. All the sexual frustration I have been collecting inside of me for the last couple of years inside me was out on the open.

My gay cam model was doing everything I wanted him to. Changing positions, using sex toys, screaming, moaning. All the things I could think of. He was doing them. I was jerking my cock so hard and holding it so firm it’s almost hurt. But I liked it, I was out of my mind, I was in a different place. 5 minutes later sperm was all over my laptop. But I was still horny as hell. So after finishing with Rayan I run off to the first sex shop and bought all the toys I could find.

Continuing sex games on the Gay Cam website

I was ready for the next round. This time I was in a hurry, I was so hot all I wanted is to go back to private chatrooms. Running through the home page on the gay cam site looking for the model I like reading their profile. I wanted a model who had no limits.

My second gay cam model was a black tall guy, which had the largest cock I have ever seen. we engaged in web sex and this time it was much hotter and kinkier because I also had toys to play with. for the first time in my life I was really enjoying sex. I came 2 times before ending our private room session. I was exhausted. I laid down on the bed and fell asleep immediately.

The next morning I woke up I was relaxed. Finally, I have discovered my sexual orientation and was relieved. Relieved of my sexual frustrations, sexual frustration I have been caring in me for a long time. That night I decided to go to a gay bar. I was upfront with everybody and everybody seemed to like it. It was the first time they took a guy home.

Actually not home but to the hotel room. I wasn’t experienced as much yet but I was leaning on my emotions. I like fucking him from behind ripping his ass off while holding his dick in my hand jerking it slowly.

Making him cum before I did was the thing that made me go eccentrically hot. And filling his ass with my sperm was the best moment of my sexual life. Also liked being the one who is fucked. We engaged in all kinds of sexual activities through the knight.

Making Decisions With Gay XXX Cam Models

2 days have passed and it was time to go home. Coming home I was thinking about what I should do. Should I come clean and tell my beautiful wife that I am gay or should I keep it to myself and hide as long as possible.

That question was bothering me. So before coming home I logged on to the gay cam website and spent a few hours chatting with models but also with users. They all help me make a decision. I was going to tell everybody but I will also try to save my marriage. And so it happened.

Remember gay cam models are human beings, not sex robots. It does not have to be all about sex. They can be pretty good listeners also. So treat them with respect. Do not be vulgar except if that is not your fantasies and you are in the private chatroom with the model agreeing upon it.

After a few hours of talking with my wife, and waiting for her to finish crying everything was much easier. And actually that night my wife and I had the best sex in our lives. I was so happy I could play with both sides. But let me be honest with you. All the time I was fucking her I was thinking of Rayan.

 Gay Hot Cam a Place To Be

After a couple of months, all of my family and my friends accepted me and my sexual orientation. So if you have any doubts and you are not sure what road you should go to I strongly recommend visiting the gay cam website. and if you already know visiting gay sites then the best place for you to be is gay cam. A place where men can enjoy being with men and so much more.

And remember this gay cam like the website is completely different from regular porn. Although they both belong to adult entertainment they just can’t compare to each other. Live gay web sex cams websites have exploded on the internet. Whoever has visited is still there. Don’t get me wrong, they do go to other similar websites. They just feel that registration to regular porn sites is a waste of time and paying to watch the regular porn videos is a waste of money.

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