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Meeting with a guy gaycam, and my revenge for cheating

My boyfriend was away for a whole year and at first, I just missed him. But then I found another way to relieve stress and have fun – gaycam conversations. And not just talk! One day I met someone who became my guide to the world of pleasures.

I realized that sex could be much more interesting. But still – the online format of sex with guys has its advantages. And I found him on gay on cams – hot lover from Sweden. By the time my lover returns, I will be able to learn something new.

But the thought of his betrayal haunted me – I wanted to take revenge on him. A small adventure helped me understand what exactly I want from a man, and what I can give myself.

Separation for a year – only gay on cams saves me

We had just started living together when my lover said that he needed to leave. He is often on the road, but now his expedition is going to Egypt for a whole year. I was worried, how can we communicate? And there will be so many really beautiful men around him. I heard that guys from Egypt are capable of a lot in bed and have no shame.

He gave me a link to gay cams and He said it was just in case. So that I don’t think about filming other men. It’s better to look than to touch. I told him the same. We could jerk off on camera to each other, but he will be in the desert all the time, where communication outages are expected.

The fact is that on one of the long expeditions he cheated on me. I can’t forget about it, but what can I do? My love is an archaeologist, he has to leave periodically. Even if I burn myself with jealousy.

On the other hand, the option to play on gay on cams is not so bad! To see the beautiful bodies of boys who are looking for passionate entertainment? To see cocks from all over the world? It’s a safe way to have an orgasm and it’s not cheating.

It all started with a conversation on gay cam

I consider my first time a failure. I was wildly embarrassed, and my gay cam model was shy, a newbie. Or he was too lazy and just wanted to make money by chattering. But, we had a good talk, but I never saw his penis. It was 2 weeks after Eric’s departure. He called me a couple of times, but I didn’t hear anything. Only the sound of the wind in the desert.

The second time on gay on cams went much better! I had a great time with a sexy mulatto. He knew what to do and helped me by describing all his actions. I listened to it, watched it, and repeated it. It was unusual and interesting!

He guided my movements, showing how men in his country could bring themselves to the peak of bliss with their hands and warm towels. Then I could not help moaning – I used to cum so sweet only from the hands or lips of my beloved man.

So I had fun for the first couple of months. Already met a bunch of handsome guys from gaycam and I learned a lot from these professionals. One of them told me where to find some very stimulating toys for a gentle prostate massage.

The most handsome Scandinavian with gay cam

Everything was easy and fun until I met Henrik. He was originally from Sweden but lived in a neighboring state. He was a typical Viking – tall, stately, with long blond hair. And his eyes are like blue flames! I think if he came up to me, I would give myself to him right away.

He looked at me with such an experienced look that I felt like an innocent boy again. He didn’t even have to undress for me to get turned on! Such a beautiful body under a strict shirt – I saw it! But I could not even imagine that under this formal outfit there is a tattoo on the whole body!

A handsome man from gay on cams was slowly undressing, without taking his eyes off the camera. He seemed to be looking straight into my eyes. He took out his cock and it was just a huge Mjollnir! In the hands of my Thor with gaycam, he looked divine.

He said he was in the mood to show me a toy show if I was interested. I couldn’t even dream of what he would offer. Such handsome guys sometimes have to beg just to take your dick in their mouth.

He only did whatever he wanted to do. I could ask him to continue or to show closer how he caresses himself, but he did not answer. He was just enjoying himself the way he wanted. He was too independent for a gay on cams model.

Henrik’s great gay cam show

He had many toys for pleasure and sex. He didn’t let me choose but took a rather powerful vibrating dildo. The second toy was a special ring for his balls. He put it on a little lazily, stroking his cock with his right hand.

“Do you have toys? I don’t like doing it alone,” my gaycam lover said.

I also got a dildo. He showed me how his vibrator easily entered the anus, and his nipples stood up. He turned on the vibration mode, and I saw how all his body was shivering from the vibrating pleasure toy.

“Don’t touch your dick, just feel it getting hot inside,” he said.

It was complicated! With this Scandinavian god masturbating in front of my eyes, how could you not grab your cock? He spoke, slowly caressing his penis with fingertips. At that moment, I imagined his strong hands with tattoos on my cock and immediately came.

New meeting and an unexpected proposal

After this evening with Henrik from gay on cams, I’ve been like crazy all day. It was difficult to concentrate at work. I thought only about his hands, cock, and firm luxurious ass. On his back, there was a wolf’s head, on his chest – skillfully made lightning bolts. How much pain did his skin endure while it was covered with this intricate ornament?

I even dreamed of sucking his cock while the tattoo artist worked on his body. I would make him forget about any pain! I didn’t go home after work, I wanted to find him again.

On adult chat gay cam, I found him easily and immediately called him to a private room. He sat in front of the camera in a jacket worn over his naked body. He was ready to accept me, and I was a little shy looking at his amazing body.

This time he surprised me even more than last time because he invited me to a real meeting! He was going to a concert that was not so far from my city. He simply told me that I should come and keep him company since I was around. Maybe this is the opportunity to avenge the betrayal of my beloved?

Meeting with Henrik from gay cam

I immediately agreed to the offer of gay on cams, but then grabbed my head! How could I? I had to refuse because if I get really close to him, they will lose their heads. I was about to cheat on my boyfriend and now there was no turning back for me.

I was waiting for 5 days to pass. Every day I wanted to contact Henrik, but every time something stopped me. Yes, I can not stand his closeness, his touch. And if he decided to kiss me or offer to spend the night with him? If he doesn’t do it, then I will. This opportunity was so enticing!

These days we did not call up with Eric, because I was afraid that I would agree. It was only at the Denver airport that I texted him that I was going to a concert. He didn’t reply to me and didn’t even read the message. It seems that he is somewhere deep in the desert, and I go deeper and deeper into adultery with a handsome Scandinavian from gaycam.

I met Henrik before the concert and I was ready to scream with delight! He was a tall and very strong man with an awesome body. It was hard for me to imagine his body through the gay cam, but now I saw him. And I knew there was a huge cock underneath his tight jeans.

The Pleasureland and my gaycam boyfriend

The club we went to was called “PleasureLand”. Henrik was a little condescending to me, like a real snob. It was like I’m just a little brother or a friend who wants to imitate him in everything. This gaycam guy was a real sex-monster! These guys always took my breath away and turned my stomach.

But, he behaved like a real gentleman with me. He ordered me a drink, he chose a drink for me. He wouldn’t let me pay for anything, and he kept paying with a credit card all the time. How much money does he have? If gay cam is his main income, then he is very successful in his business.

After the second drink, Henrik became friendlier to me. He took my arm, unbuttoned the top button of my shirt. He was wearing a sexy t-shirt with slits showing off his body – so luxurious and buff!

At the end of the evening, he put his hand on my neck and kissed me! It was a short but very sensual kiss. My tongue barely touched his mouth before he pulled away and smiled at me. A handsome gay on cams lures me into his spider web. I was ready to get down on my knees and take his cock in my mouth right there in the club.

We went to the toilet and Henrik unbuttoned his trousers. He was silent, looking at me with his blue eyes, and I lost my control. His cock was beautiful and I couldn’t help admiring it. Kneeling in front of him, swallowing his cock – this is really a dream from the land of pleasure.

A night in the hotel with sexy gaycam Scandinavian

He only let me suck his dick in the toilet stall, but then he said we were going to a hotel. When we were already in the taxi, I received a message from Eric – something short and completely without emotion. I even experienced the joy of this moment – now I’m with Henrik. Eric paid no attention to me at all while on his business trip.

Gorgeous gay cam body responded to my caresses. He was in no hurry to please me but allowed me to caress him. I was filled with inspiration, thinking up and remembering different ways to please a man. He stood up and told me to lay down on my stomach. His cock is just huge, at that moment I even wanted to ask him not to do this!

He slowly applied the lube to the head of his penis and brought it close to my ass. I knew it would hurt. I have never had a partner with such a huge cock, he was 2 times bigger than my Eric’s.

Henrik, with skillful movements, began to enter me, holding my neck with his hand. His grip was iron, and his dick penetrated me through the pain. I even screamed when he pushed too hard. With gay on cams, I felt like just a sex toy for him, which he intends to use. When he was in me at full length, I felt pleasure and pain, which has never been in my life!

Cheating with gay on cams got me thinking

He really used me and doesn’t think about my own feelings at all. He didn’t want to please me. Henrik generally thought only of his pleasure. He came inside me and then left the room without saying a word. As if I didn’t deserve the pleasure. So it was because I have just cheated on my beloved.

Too self-confident gay on cams, too selfish. He was such a sexy man that anyone would give him all their holes without question. I lay on the bed and thought about my boyfriend. Eric has always taken care of my orgasms. He gave to me and received from me in return.

I quickly got dressed and while the gay cams guy was in the shower, I just left the hotel. I decided to walk around the city, have breakfast, and then the flight home was waiting for me. An interesting experience of betrayal, which I do not want to repeat. I already got my revenge, whatever it was.

It was a hot guy from Guatemala, Eric told me about his cheating. He confessed to me, saying that at first he was excited by the idea of ​​sleeping with a new guy, but then he was ashamed and sorry. Now I felt exactly that – it was a pity that I did it. It would be better if we continued to communicate on gay on cams!

The return of my beloved

I returned home, and only a couple of months later I went back to gay cam. I met other guys, but more and more I just chatted with them. Sometimes I liked someone, and then I asked them to show me themselves, to excite me. Definitely no more real meetings!

The best thing about gaycam is being able to chat at a safe distance. Then this entertainment really brings pleasure. But the meeting – no, it’s not for me! I have tasted betrayal, but now I want to wait for the return of my beloved. His cock is all I need.

And yet, I learned a few things from the guys on gay cam. Some of them were good teachers, patiently explaining new oral and anal sex techniques. I want to try all this on my lovely Eric. I knew for sure that he was faithful to me this time. And my little revenge on him was a good lesson for me.

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